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Smartness starts with being independent and have better control of your destiny. That is true for your home as well. Neo Smart Solution make your home energy independent and everything in your home in your control. Imagine when your home knows when the best time is to run your appliances to optimize the energy use and your comfort.

Security is not a luxury or an afterthought. Security is built into Neo Smart Solution. Our solution is enabled with various sensors that activate the security system including motion, glass break-ins, touch and face detection. The home surveillance system is integrated with automated gates, doorbells and door access. Remote monitoring and control of the systems provides you peace of mind even when you are away from your home.

You decide what you need and works for you. Neo Smart Solution is customizable to extensible, allowing you to configure what you need. You are in charge of your home, we provide technology.

Solve with latest technology

  • Latest solar panels are very efficient and cheaper
  • Battery technology is advancing with electric vehicle and solar industries
  • IoT technology is maturing and heavy adoption in all industries
  • Smart homes will be the norms of the future
  • Solar installations are becoming mainstream – Cochin airport
  • People are getting comfortable with relaying on solar
  • Connectivity and bandwidth are available in most of the areas
  • Equipment and communication costs have come down
  • Reliability of equipment has improved
  • Simple to install and manage

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