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Our commitment starts from our first engagement. Our consultants work with you from the day one to make you understand the solution details, assist you in making the right decision and selection of the solution components you need. Our expert engineers review and approve every installation design before it is ever built. Then, we oversee the construction phase and collaborate with our customers to ensure every system is properly installed. It doesn’t end there, though. We handhold out customers through initial days of usage, so they can know the system well, get comfortable and make the best use of the system. We continuously monitor installed systems to make sure they are generating the amount of power they should be; and provide the experience customer expecting. We will see our engineer at your step at scheduled periodic visits. We provide proactive maintenance to ensure the installed systems are working as expected and never breaks down. We guarantee immediate response and issue resolution. We cover all maintenance and repairs to the system for the lifetime of the solar service agreement. Think about that for a second: 24/7 monitoring and $0 out of pocket for system upkeep -- for 25 years.

24/7 System Monitoring

We track the solutions performance throughout the service contract. For Neo SmartEnergy we monitor solar generation and, based on the amount of sunshine your home is getting and recent weather conditions, compare it to what your system should produce. If we detect that your system isn’t producing the amount of energy we guarantee under your warranty, our service team will take care of it. For NeoSmart Home we monitor and periodically fine tune the solution components. Ongoing software upgrades and compatibility checks will be performed by our experienced service consultants at no cost.


Our mobile app and web application provides easy to use management tool to keep track of your smart home at your fingertips. MyNeo provides you:

  • Health of the system and system component details
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Issue Reporting and tracking
  • Real-time access to hourly electricity production data
  • Real-time access to hourly electricity consumption data
  • Payment options and history

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