Neo Protection


When it comes to deciding about your Smart solution provider, you have a choice, so make the one that gives you the most. The Neo Protect warranty ensures your SmartEnergy and SmartHome systems are taken care of for a full 25 years with our best-in- class comprehensive warranty. From repairs to maintenance, the Neo Protect warranty has you covered. We guarantee that the system will produce the amount of energy we say it will for 25 years in most cases or we’ll credit you the difference. Did we mention we also insure your system? Our comprehensive insurance covers your solar panels for 25 years and insures the system for theft or damage, so you don’t have to.

End-to- End Warranty

The Neo Protect warranty covers your Neo SmartEnergy and SmartHome for a full 25 years. This industry-leading warranty eliminates out-of- pocket expenses for maintenance or equipment repairs and replacements for the term of your service agreement.

Transferable Agreement

If you sell your home, you can pass the savings to the next homeowner. And the Neo Protect warranty will still cover the system through the full 25-year agreement.

Neo Insurance

Our comprehensive insurance protects your solar panels for 25 years. We insure the system for theft or damage, so you don’t have to.

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