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Beauty of Independence


Independence is a powerful experience. The liberation from the chains that constraint our pursuit of happiness overwhelming. We live in a free democratic nation where we enjoy the political independence. But still there are many other constraints that chain us and our life experience. One of the obvious challenge for independent India is lack of our infrastructure when it comes to transportation, energy, water and other resources. So many decades we were waiting on our governments to build this infrastructure. But it is always a better option to act than seek. Modern technology advancements are here to help is that endeavor and solve our energy challenge adopting the latest available technology. Neo Smart Solution bring those technologies to you, so that you can celebrate energy independence through solar!

Social Responsibility

The adoption of solar energy helps to achieve energy independence, on both a national and residential level. The more solar energy we use as a country, the less we will need to rely on imported carbon- based fossil fuels, contributing to greater economic, political, and environmental stability. At residential level, when a homeowner goes solar, they take energy generation into their own hands becoming their own power provider. This not only reduces costs, it provides electricity security to their home, and contributes to a greener environment. Let us save the earth for future generations.


Cost of energy is continuously rising, and the utility services are increasingly becoming unreliable. They are not there when you need them the most – like during inclement weather or hot summer day. If there is a power outage, it takes days to fix it. Solar energy liberates you from these unpredictable events and rate hikes. Investing in on-site distributed solar energy generation, you achieve total energy independence, leading to price and power stability, reduced energy costs, and participation in a green economy.


Neo Smart Energy is innovative solution for generating energy and managing it smartly. One of the major challenge with the solar energy is its variable power generation through day and night and over seasons. To ensure steady dependable energy the power generation and consumption must be managed efficiently. Our SmartEnergy solution is exactly for this. Monitoring and balancing the power generation and consumption optimally to power the entire home day and night all through the year.

Benefits of Smart Energy

Energy Independence

  • Completely off the grid
  • Energy required accessed and optimal capacity installed
  • Manages energy utilization effectively to balance the load
  • No downtimes
  • No power/voltage shortage
  • No usage limitations
  • Supports complete home energy requirement

Integrated Smart Home features

  • Predict, schedule, load balance and manage energy consumption
  • Add-on smart home features that integrates with the system
  • Weather, temperature forecasts

Easy technology upgrade for free

Reduced total cost

  • No upfront heavy installation cost – Subscription based model available
  • No maintenance cost, included in the subscription
  • Onetime upfront payment option available + AMC
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Smart Plugs/Switches
Load Monitoring Hardware
Smart Energy Hub

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