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Simplicity and flexibility


Home automation is becoming popular and technology is exploding in this space. There are multitude of devices available out there and they are continuously evolving. It is quite confusing world for a user. Neo SmartHome offers the affordable home automation that works for you. We are the experts. We show you what we got, you decide what you need, we install it for you. We configure the devices and systems that required to satisfy your selected features, seamlessly integrate them with SmartHome hub and install at your home.

If you use a smartphone, you already know how to use the SmartHome. With the SmartHome app, monitoring and controlling your home is quick, easy and fun. Simply put, your smartphone communicates to your SmartHome Hub from anywhere, and your Hub communicates with devices throughout your home. Now you have access to your SmartHome from your phone and other devices. You control it through voice and touch. You enjoy your life, we are the experts.

Communication and Network

Being connected is the first step in the automation. We have the fit for purpose communication network that you need for all your automation needs. It does not overwhelm you financially and the same time ids right enough for everything to work. With SmartHome solution everything needed is included.

Safety and security

We understand safety and security are your utmost concern. So does for us. SmartHome comes with home monitoring system that records, trigger actions like siren and alarms user. The solution comes various sensors that are continuously surveilling your home inside and outside. The advanced event detection algorithms look for anything that is out of normal and compare that with established patterns to predict and determine an incident – It can be home intrusion, child safety, smoke, fire, carbon monoxide, unlocked doors or even an impending severe weather event. SmartHome includes emergency SoS calls, emergency help bands for elderly, child safety monitoring. Trust us and have peace of mind.

Be smart, save money

Today’s technology allows you to enjoy the best at the least cost. It is not about tightening your belt, but to be smart to have the elastic belt. SmartHome manages your resources to enable to reduce, reuse and recycle the resources to optimize the usage and minimize cost. Now you don’t know how you use, and for what and where. SmartHome monitor the resource including energy and water, provide usage statistics and recommendations to optimize the use. It can even schedule and control the usage to provide the best value. It can be as simple as predicting rain and not watering your plants for a few days, reminding about the window curtains on a sunny day, running your AC at the right time of the day, turning the motor off before the tanks overflows and more. Leave it to us, we will guide you smart.

Free up your time, unwind and refresh

Most of us struggling to balance our work and life. Most of time is spend on the road and errands at home, cutting into the free time after work that we would like to spend with our family and winddown. SmartHome solution help you plan and organize family schedules and automate your errands. We make the connections between the individual schedules, events and external factors like traffic and weather. When everything is put in perspective, better ways of doing things emerge. SmartHome brings various convenience options – a robo vacuum cleaner may be big time savor for you or it could be a automated dishwasher. We know it is just about freeing up time but using it wisely. SmartHome provides useful tips and recommendations that will help you keep healthy and rejuvenate.

Have fun

That is what it is all about – have some fun. We can help there too. SmartHome has integrated home theatre option that make all your devices connected together and allows streaming from the devices to your entertainment console. The voice activated SmartHome hub allows you easily control the audio and video system. You will not miss programs, if you are moving between the rooms. You can easily manage the content your kids are watching. SmartHome makes your home a fun place.

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